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Package file is invalid (Google Plus)

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  1. DazzaJay

    DazzaJay New Member

    This only happens with the latest update to Google+ for me.
    I am assuming it's a problem with the installer itself, as unlike other issues ive read i am still able to install other apps.

    Cleared the cache, and all that still cant get Google+ to install.
    (But still other apps install/update fine)

    I do not have a custom ROM, nor is it rooted. standard factory Samsung Captivate Glide.

    Think it's a problem with the latest Google+ app? or can i do a workaround of some kind?

  2. CompMAS2

    CompMAS2 New Member

    Same issue here on a stock HTC EVO 3D running Android 2.3.4.
  3. linbmcd

    linbmcd New Member

    I have same problem, as did many others if you look at Play Store site. I have standard factory HTC Rezound running Android 2.3.4.
  4. DazzaJay

    DazzaJay New Member

    Just had another look at the page on Play Store....
    Looks like it's just the app.
    May have to wait for the next version.

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    Tom92024 - June 30, 2012 - Samsung Galaxy S with version Won't Install
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  5. rcburwell

    rcburwell New Member

    I have the same problem this morning. A Samsung galaxy note.
  6. mrjones25

    mrjones25 Member

    I had problems with the update on my S2. It finally loaded, but the widget icon had to be replaced manually and now I have been getting erroneous logon failures on my Google account. I think it is the app.
  7. baba123

    baba123 New Member

    I had to do it this way with my Triumph for it to work for me. I first seen it on VM lives fb page and clicked the link from my phone and it wouldn't work that way.
  8. nikostic

    nikostic New Member

    Same problem here on my Xperia mini...currently running ICS...4.0.4....my app downloads and the it shows the same message!... cleared cache and data as well...but with no success... what should I do?
  9. samparker010

    samparker010 Member

    yes i face same problem at my galaxy S3 ..

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  10. handpub

    handpub New Member

    this worked for me but I first unchecked data & sync from my google account and then had to disable 'Allow Automatic Updating' on the install page.

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