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    Apr 27, 2012
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    I just bought an used Galaxy Gio phone. The problem is that packet data connection does not work.

    As it had Android 2.2 installed, I right away upgraded it to Android 2.3.4 via Kies. I did not try using internet via packet data on the older Android, so I can't say whether the upgrade is to blame.

    Otherwise everything is just fine - I can talk over 2G and 3G, I can use wifi and surf the internet perfectly. But using internet via packet data just does not work. When an application tries connecting to internet, I see the up-arrow blinking, but down-arrow is idle (looks like only downloading has problems.. or maybe data requests are routed falsely or smth).

    What I've tried so far:
    • tried packet data over both 2G and 3G
    • turned on/off roaming - no effect
    • tried another SIM-card which has packet connection working on another Android perfectly

    So what do you think? What could be the problem?
    I guess the hardware should be fine, otherwise there would be problems with talking too, no?


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