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Support Packet Data Won,t Work After Connecting To WiFi

  1. Spudster

    Spudster Active Member


    When i Connect My tablet tablet to A wifi access point for a Good a certain amount of time such as 30 minutes for example it will not connect to 3/4G packet data when disconnecting from the wifi network This only happens when connected to the wifi and even when connected to A WiFi network after a about over 30 minutes it will not revive text messages, When going into flight mode to reset the connection I will need to connect to the wifi again then off then flight mode will fix the issue as temporary so I can use 4G

    Sorry if some of this doesn't make sense/full English it is late here thought I quickly post this.

    I've tried also

    Resetting the apn to defaults.

    Rebooting connections, Only temporary/till I reconnect to wifi after another 30 min and over.
    It's not a huge deal but like most tablet owners I like the full functionality.

  2. Spudster

    Spudster Active Member

    This only happened since the iCS Update, I was recently on honey Comb 3.2

    Not sure if its firmware related everything else works fine.
  3. Spudster

    Spudster Active Member

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