Paint Commander for Android

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  1. Chris Johnson

    Chris Johnson Member

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  2. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Probably not what it was designed for, but I can imagine my 3 year old will have a field day with that, he loves it when he touches my phone and it does "things".

    My artistic skills are zero, but I'll keep it on there for him, thank you. :)
  3. Chris Johnson

    Chris Johnson Member

    Thanks alot, I hope your son likes it.

    And I just updated the app to now allow your to import images. and I added a image brush.
  4. Chris Johnson

    Chris Johnson Member

    Hello, I recentlly updated Paint Commander with new brushes, it anyone else hasn't tried it out yet. I will also be pushing out more updates for it soon.
  5. shellmsouth

    shellmsouth New Member

    Hi Chris, I absolutely LOVE your Paint Commander app, I find it hard to put down. I was wondering a few things, is there anyway to upload, download, etc to a site to have my finished artwork printed? Will the sizing be correct? Also, do you have this program available for PC (Windows 7)? If not, in your opinion, what program would you say best replicates Paint Commander for PC?

    Thank you so much for creating this app!!!
  6. poer

    poer New Member

    Hi Chris...
    If there is a user manual for the beginner...?
    I've just found difficulties in using text brush...the text always gone after entered..


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