Paint rubbing off a 3G Fender

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  1. robbinsgj

    robbinsgj Member

    I purchased a MyTouch 3G Fender edition in Feburary. Went back on Feb 20 and got the soft leather belt case that says Fender on it. After using the case for 2 weeks the paint at the top ridge of my phone right above the speaker is coming off from sliding the phone in and out of the case. T-Mobile said it was "Normal Wear & Tear" and not covered. I told them Verizon was having a sale... My replacement is on its way...

    Anyone else experiencing any issues with the paint coming off the Fender?

  2. jfritzs2

    jfritzs2 Well-Known Member

    HAHA!!! That is genius! :D That's the best thing I've ever heard!

    I don't have the Fender, but that is lame! You get this limited edition custom phone and the paint is cheap, good thing you're getting another. Sorry to hear about that though, hopefully this next one will be better.
  3. robbinsgj

    robbinsgj Member

    Thanks! What's worse is the stupid leather case cost 30 bucks and now I can't use it in fear it will destroy the paint on the replacement. I was going to get the invisible shield from Zagg but they don't have it for the MyTouch with the 3.5mm jack yet.

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