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  1. kpk

    kpk Member

    Sorry, I have tried searching for this type of threads but no luck.
    Anyway I have Galaxy S (FV 2.3.3 with build number GINGERBREAD.XWJVN). I am having problem connecting it to my wife's Galaxy S II. It keeps telling me "paired but not connected". I have reset it to factory setting, but still no luck......:mad::mad::mad:
    I tried connecting with my laptop, but getting same problem.

  2. kpk

    kpk Member

    Can anyone help????????????
  3. basalt

    basalt Well-Known Member

    'Paired but not connected' Merely means your phone has the device on its list - my jabra is listed like that even though it's not in the house. The fault might not be at your end, check the other devices have bluetooth active
  4. kpk

    kpk Member

    Thank you basalt, both phones are in same room (next to each other) and both have bluetooth on and visible. But they still says paired but not connected.
  5. basalt

    basalt Well-Known Member

    Have you set both devices to Discoverable on the Bluetooth menu and what happens if you select 'scan devices' on your phone?
  6. francton

    francton Active Member

    try sending a file from one device to another. You will then see them get connected and the file transferred.
  7. LateNiteMike

    LateNiteMike Well-Known Member

    Ok, he's absolutely right. I just did it and it's really easy, at least it was for me.
    Let me explain so I can help others.

    Don't worry about the 'Paired but not connected' statement. The devices are ready and WAITING to be connected. So, just go into your photo gallery and select a file to transfer and use Bluetooth. Make sure the device you want to send it to is currently 'discoverable' and then just send it. It will then start sending the file.
    I just sent one photo from my Transformer Prime to my Galaxy S and it worked just fine. As I write this I am transferring a 90MB video (HD Avatar trailer mp4). The files are downloaded into a folder labeled 'bluetooth'.

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