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  1. kn0t

    kn0t Active Member

    I got this for my Cliq XT. It's actually more than just a theme. It gives you the entire "Hero" sense UI look and feel, and it keeps all the goodies in your motoblur. Like the Twitter, Facebook widgets that come on motoblur you can still use but everything else works and looks exactly like a hero with the sense UI. I don't know if any of you other guys would be into this or not, but I uploaded the file to and I'll give the link for it. Inside the folder are 5 files. Install all 5 files to the root of your SD card just like you would with any other app. Using linda file manager (you can use whatever file manager you use but I prefer Linda for putting on 3rd party apps), then you install ALL 5 FILES you put on your SD card. After that just press home, and when it gives you a choice what to use as your homescreen just click Pandahome and that's it. I wish I had some screen shots to show you guys but with no root for the phone the only screen shot apps I know of that work on my phone require root. I.E. Shoot Me. I really like this a ton. I've had a few force closings. If it becomes bothersome I'll just uninstall it, but it's working GREAT now. It's like having a very fast Hero, with Motoblur widgets and goodies. If anyone gives it a try let me know what you think.

    Here's the Link:

  2. kn0t

    kn0t Active Member

    I was able to use my webcam and I took some snapshots of it. It's not great quality but it at least shows you what this brings too the table. If your a sense UI /Hero fan and a Moto-Blur fan this kinda gives you the best of both worlds. Hero widgets and Motoblur widgets.
  3. nogdolan

    nogdolan Active Member

    Looks cool I will download and install it this afternoon when I get home:D
  4. jwmacdon1231

    jwmacdon1231 Well-Known Member

    I'm not too fond of PandaHome anymore, but I like the theme you got going on.
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  5. jd90620

    jd90620 New Member

    i downloaded it for my cliq, i got everything working fine but i don't have the clock that you have. did i do something wrong?
  6. onilink67

    onilink67 Active Member

    Probably the Weather & Toggle Widgets app from android market. It is a paid app but well worth it (The hero skin is a download)
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  7. nlsuelo13

    nlsuelo13 Active Member

    THIS IS A GREAT THEME, THANKS downloaded but it wont rotate to landscape on a cliq.. LOOKS really good
  8. SupraMan

    SupraMan Member

    i was wondering about the mms widget for panda.hero have they made it yet or am i looking in the wrong places
  9. nerissa

    nerissa New Member

    Really wonderful phone....I have also a motorola phone and i am searching for some skins for it....Please suggest me some skins which give trendy look to my phone....

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