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  1. jfritzs2

    jfritzs2 Well-Known Member

    This is such an amazing Home replacement! It's been updated and should be working with Android 2.0 and its such an amazing app! Its only competitor would probably be Sweeter Home when Preview 2 comes out, but until then this is for sure the best home replacement. With it you can incorporate OpenHome and Ahome themes, then you can customize them, you can customize all icons, the apps in your drawer, set your wallpaper to rotate and so much more!

    I'm not sure why I'm promoting it so much since I have nothing to do with the developing, but I just love the app, it completely changes the way you can customize your home screen! Give it a try and see how you like it, I guarantee it can do anything other home replacement can do and better.

    Download it here -

    Here is a link for the Androlib review - HERE

  2. ArXane

    ArXane Well-Known Member

    I went to the market for it and still says support droid in 2 days. So does it support it now or still wait?
  3. jfritzs2

    jfritzs2 Well-Known Member

    I'm running Android 1.6, but it is worth the wait if it still doesn't support 2.0
  4. mike007

    mike007 New Member

  5. ianhkg

    ianhkg Member

    Totally agree ppl! App is awesome n free. What more can u ask for. Great Work!!!;)
  6. ArXane

    ArXane Well-Known Member

    Maybe I didnt do something right. I installed the .98 and It changed/rearranged all my icons and didnt give me the option to add more screens. Is the .98 the latest?
  7. Nepherim

    Nepherim Well-Known Member

    Also agree -- this is a very good home replacement. Launches apps much quicker than default, and brings up the app list very quickly. Love it.

    You need to download the beta for Droid support I think.
  8. amd2132

    amd2132 Member

    .99 is the latest. I just loaded it and its very impressive... no complaints at all. Runnng 5 home screens and it is very quick lots of customization options, esp. Love the homescreen landscape rotation with out popping the slider

  9. Fadelight

    Fadelight Well-Known Member

    There is no "Option" to add more screens. They automatically expand as you drag icons off current screens.

    Droid support is currently being worked on... the download link provided above is the current droid beta. he asks that, when you download that version, you email him with any bugs you find. I have been doing so for the past week.

    I absolutely LOVE panda home. I can't wait for his stable release for droid.
  10. DGalt

    DGalt Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know if the developer is working on making the homescreen transitions more fluid? I was playing around with the GDE homescreen app which, although there are a bunch of things about it I don't like, definitely has the most fluid transitions between homescreens that I've seen yet (not quite as good as HTC Sense UI but close).
  11. mrpbjnance

    mrpbjnance Member

    Is this on the Droid version..because I have tried to do this and I can't get it to work.
    There appear to be pull out drawers that are there
    and On a sub menu if indicates additional windows are to come
  12. amd2132

    amd2132 Member

    Yes it is. I have the Droid, do as stated select an icon by holding ur finger on it till you can slide it to the side of the screen then another screen will open up. You may not be sliding it far enough to the side for it to activate another homescreen... hope this helps.

  13. mrpbjnance

    mrpbjnance Member

    I figured out I was doing wrong. I was on the middle window. To create a new I needed to be on the last window to the left or right.
    Have you tried using themes from other apps?
  14. mrpbjnance

    mrpbjnance Member

    Is there a guide some place for panda home.
    I would like to know how to turn off drawers....
    And I accidentaly made the android home my default and want to now make panda home my default
  15. amd2132

    amd2132 Member

    I would be interested in reading through the guide if someone has a link or .pdf of it..

    Do you know how to use the drawers or what they are there for I haven't figured that one out yet... I have popped them out but what can be assigned to the location?


    EDIT: Figured out you just have to have the drawer open then you can drag your app icons into it.
  16. amd2132

    amd2132 Member

    Glad to hear you got it working..

    I have only downloaded the HTC Hero Theme (Free BTW) but I like the default theme best and using my own wallpapers.

  17. tparker76

    tparker76 New Member

    I just installed panda home and i agree it is great! I was sceptical at first with the background and icons but you can return to the default and still have the option for the extra homescreens and side bars!
  18. mrpbjnance

    mrpbjnance Member

    If you got toe settings -> add -> Home assitant a menu screen comes up.
    You can turn the DOCK BAR (sorry I was calling them drawers) on and off.
    It mentions you can customizes drawers but it is in development. But I thought the same for the extra there may be a way to do it.

    I think a drawer is the sklide out from the bottom where a Dock Bar is the side slide out.
  19. Fadelight

    Fadelight Well-Known Member

    I am currently using "Dark Android", which is an aHome theme. :)
  20. DGalt

    DGalt Well-Known Member

    try out the HTC hero theme (which is from open home). looks nice :)
  21. Robobandit

    Robobandit Well-Known Member

    I'm using the Aero Openhome theme.. btw, try the 997 version at their beta page that is labeled "Featured" I noticed a significant speed increase in homescreen transitions and everything.

    Btw, I use a pull-out menu for direct dial and messaging shortcuts.. lets me get quick access to people I call or text frequently without cluttering up my homescreen.
  22. Teezy

    Teezy Well-Known Member

    how do you uninstall it?
  23. DGalt

    DGalt Well-Known Member

    over the .996 version, which is what I'm using now I think?
  24. SkiWee393

    SkiWee393 Member

    Just installed .997 so far it's awesome. 5 home screens, very responsive, very customizable, and free! I especially like the fact that you can use your home screen in landscape mode without having the keyboard open, including the notification bar, and app window.
  25. A.C.Sanchez

    A.C.Sanchez Member

    This is exactly what I'm doing. My own background, with the original icons, but now I have multiple screens (currently 4), and my speed dials on the left drawer. Great app, but there are still a few quirks. I just installed the latest build from this morning, but most of the time when I go back to my home screen from an app, the bottom arrow for the app menu will be orange - sort of like it thinks its 'active' - and I get a few weird vibrations at random times. But I have high hopes for the final production version. I like pandahome much better than dxtop.

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