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  1. David Gonterma

    David Gonterma New Member

    I have this slight annoyance with this tablet of mine. As you know, there's no Home buton on the hardware, but on the top row of the screen as a status bar. In some programs, the top row is missing (Program uses whole screen) and there's no easy way for me to get back at the home screen without rebooting. If there's any way to alleviate this, I'd appreciate hearing of it. Thanks in advance.

  2. elbel86

    elbel86 Member

    In most full-screen programs, pressing volume up or down will reveal the status bar for a few seconds. Of course, it also adjusts the volume which is rather annoying, but at least you can hit the home button.
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  3. David Gonterma

    David Gonterma New Member

    I apprecaite this. I messaged Pandigital directly about this and they told me about the volumne trick. It's a lot better than Rebooting the device.

    I also found a way to get the popular E-Book programs to work, like Nook and Kindle: Going to Android Freeware: Best and Free Software for Android mobile platform and downloading an earlier version of these programs is a workable fix until they finally get the Android OS up to date. (I'd root it, but I'm worried about bricking it)

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