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  1. Girevik

    Girevik Well-Known Member

    My 11 year old has asked for an e-reader for Christmas, so I figured I'd look to see if I could find an Android tablet comperable in price to the Nook or Kindle (non-color....I'm not looking to spend $200) and I came across a Black Friday ad for the Pandigital Planet 7.

    I don't know if this is similar to the Novel at all, but I'm hoping someone could give me some information. I know this doens't have the Android Market, but could it use the Amazon Market? Is this likely something an 11 year old (and possibly his 7 year old brother) would find good, or is it not functional for much other than an e-reader? Any insight would be appreciated.

  2. steph03

    steph03 New Member

    hello! have you found out any info on the amazon market for the planet?? please help
  3. Girevik

    Girevik Well-Known Member

    Sorry, I never found anything in regards to this and decided to go with the Nook Color.

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