Pandigital Supernova DLX

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  1. Havocx23

    Havocx23 Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone I don't see anything about this awesome tablet. Its really cool out of the box but since its very easy to root and get market access on and I wanted to see if anyone else here has one, and if there any roms available for it

  2. darkduke

    darkduke New Member

    I have two of the Pandigital Supernova DLX tablets and they are very good for the cost. I don't understand why they are not listed along with the other tablets like the novel 7 and 9 which are inferior to the Supernova. I see you are in Weston, I am just east of you in Davie, FL
  3. vicftl

    vicftl New Member

    I am Fort Lauderdale and just got one for my daughter. I was wondering if anyone knows how to get Google Play on it. I have it rooted to get Market but my daughter uses instagram and it doesnt seem to be available in Market.
  4. Havocx23

    Havocx23 Well-Known Member

    I don't really use mine anymore I got a Nexus 7 I would recommend it to anyone from 5 to 105
  5. wgarella

    wgarella New Member

    HI....have you figured out how to get google play on this? I am having the same problem. let me know. thanks. bg

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