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  1. gamesetmatch4

    gamesetmatch4 Member

    Hey everyone. I have a Samsung Galaxy II Skyrocket. I have problems with two apps - Pandora and IHeartRadio. I am on Wifi and it says it is at 5 mbps. I can't even get IHeartRadio to play a song after clicking on a station - it doesn't say buffering or anything. On Pandora, it plays a song for like 10-15 seconds then buffers, and so on. What can I do to fix this? I believe it works on my home wifi. I didn't know if it was the wifi connection causing the problem or what. Thanks

  2. Have u checked to see how fast your network is running? That could cause buffering problems, if its really slow. Speed test app from market
  3. gamesetmatch4

    gamesetmatch4 Member

    I checked when I was at work and it was like 2.46 mbps upload and 2.76 mbps download. Is that slow? I can get TuneInRadio to work but not Pandora or IHeartRadio.
  4. That is rather slow, but not slow enough to make those apps unusable, i doubt. Is this ur work wifi? Some secure networks block privileges to certain things, i think by blocking specific ports

    I believe they do it to stop people from wasting bandwidth and time at work with dumb shit, lol
  5. You can always uninstall the apps and then re install them. Just a suggestion but I would look into

    Its $3 a month to have on your phone but has a much better randomizer than Pandora and plays a much more accurate group of songs based on your band selection. Plus, no skip limits!
  6. Reggie3

    Reggie3 Well-Known Member

    I have both apps with no issues. I use them when I walk my dog. So I would follow the advice above and reinstall the apps. I would also check running the apps over ATT and then over wifi to see if there is a difference

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