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Pandora in carAccessories

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  1. Geoff

    Geoff Member

    So I recently got a used G1, loving it obviously, and I was wondering...

    If I wanted to stream Pandora in my car, a.k.a. have free radio with unlimited stations of the music I like, could I use something like this -HTC 3-in-1 USB Adapter for HTC Hero / Sprint Hero / T-Mobile myTouch 3G, G1, myTouch 3G Fender - Phandroid Store - plugged into my head unit either via USB or auxilairy (either one should provide the same output, it just depends on what I install into my head unit) to stream Pandora (through the app), or if it would just be able to stream music from the SD card?

  2. Geoff

    Geoff Member

    I would actually prefer to use this - LiquidAUX™ Bluetooth® Car Kit - K33428US - Kensington - which connects to the phone via bluetooth and to the car via the auxiliary port. However, again, my main question is: using this device, would I be able to stream Pandora through bluetooth to the device, and henceforth through my car's speaker system?
  3. Carl C

    Carl C Well-Known Member

    Welcome to AF forums! :D
  4. Geoff

    Geoff Member

    Thanks Carl. Any idea if Pandora will stream through the mini-USB output, making it possible to play it in my car?

    I'm asking because I'm considering replacing my stock head unit, which has issues such as broken CD player and not having an auxiliary input, and if this is possible I might save a few hundred bucks and just install an auxiliary input into the stock HU.
  5. Carl C

    Carl C Well-Known Member

    Hi Geoff ,

    If I'm correct , you can not do this on the G1 or any android Device at the moment as they Don't support "USB type Host features".

    If it helps , I beleive you can stream music from your handset to Bluetooth Speakers as that is supported.

    Hope this helps!

    Carl C ;)
  6. firozu

    firozu Member

    if your connecting to a 3.5mm jack or rca aux jack it will work just fine cuz i use that in my car, not sure about a usb jack tho but u could always try u probably have a cable lieing around somewhere...

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