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  1. bluethunder

    bluethunder Member

    The more I use the Pandora App on my DX2 the worse it works. It ends songs in the middle of play and goes to the next song or to the ads. Now even worse if I listen for more than 30 minutes or so, it starts sounding like a record being played at half speed.

    Makes me sad. Pandora is one of my top 5 favorite apps.

    Anyone else getting these issues?

  2. Th3Coog

    Th3Coog Well-Known Member

    Yes and it's a known issue with other DX2 users. The X2 is to blame.
  3. WA_Bob

    WA_Bob VIP Member VIP Member

    Check to see if you've got the latest version of Pandora. Mine isn't giving me those issues on my DX2.
  4. theguru1974

    theguru1974 Active Member

    It's happening to mine as well. The first song plays fine, the second song always cuts off about 30 seconds in and jumps to the next song.
  5. intramart

    intramart New Member

    I am having the same problem... I can sit with HTC users and Droid X users and we all start the app at the same time and they're listing to music for 45 seconds before my DX2 starts... Also my DX2 cuts the songs short, delays for several seconds to a minute between songs... SUCKS!:mad:
  6. fastpicker89

    fastpicker89 Well-Known Member

    Same issues.
  7. Stick1300

    Stick1300 Well-Known Member

    I don't have the pops/stutters that other have (well, very seldom), but mine does have a bad habit of skipping to the next song about once out of every five songs.
  8. shep938

    shep938 Active Member

    same issues with me also. dont play the whole song, skips 2 the next one. i gave up on pandora and go with Slacker..its so much bettr on my DX2
  9. Hypo Luxa

    Hypo Luxa Well-Known Member

    I have found Slacker to be much more stable on my phone than Pandora. The only thing that I found that really sux with Slacker is that if I check a tecxt message or email or what ever, Slacker likes to close and then it will error out when I go back in. I actually am hoping that GB will help correct it, but not terribly confident about it.
  10. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    This seems more to do with the low ram issues and what apps you have running. If your DX2 is behaving with enough ram to keep things from skipping- audio apps do not tend to skip or pop.

    The Moto devs need to explain where the heck they put the RAM on the DX2. Something still does not add up as far as available and functional RAM.
  11. Brewchop

    Brewchop New Member

    Its the version of Pandora. With both 1.4 and 1.5 I had the issue. After searching around someone suggested going back to 1.3. Made the switch back to 1.3 and only have the random song skip issue once in a great while, instead of ever 2nd or 3rd song.
  12. x2468

    x2468 Member

    Same ****en problem. It makes me want to kill someone. Does the ATRIX have this problem? Because I wanna get one for my gf but not if it has the same problem this does.
  13. Stick1300

    Stick1300 Well-Known Member

    How'd you go about going back versions? I can't find anywhere with the older versions for download.
  14. Brewchop

    Brewchop New Member

    Think thats the link I got it from. Can't tell if it still works due to the site being blocked @ work.
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  15. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    The Atrix does not have the problem.
  16. brkshr

    brkshr Member

    I believe that this a data issue with the dx2. Mostly just a hunch. When Google Music beta is downloading songs, it will stop and say that it can no longer download queued songs. I also lose wifi connection when my screen turns off sometimes. I do have the wifi setting to never turn of with screen.
  17. Stick1300

    Stick1300 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, Google Music tends to randomly stop playing a song after a few minutes. I can skip to the next song and it works fine, but, typically, I'll just kill it with GO Launcher's task manager, reopen it, and everything's kosher for a while.
  18. Stick1300

    Stick1300 Well-Known Member

  19. msmall007

    msmall007 New Member

    I love my DROID X, now X2 due to warranty issue.... and love Pandora. I always had intermittent issues with Pandora on my X. Since getting X2, now on 2.3.4, I cannot get Pandora to connect and play at all unless it is through WiFi. The initial screen (along with an annoying Ad) comes up, then a 'Buffering' message that never gets beyond 1%... and goes to 'Loading'... where it stays.

    Has anyone seen this? I have reinstalled, cleared cache, cleared browser cash, removed battery and spun around three times... nothing works...

    Interesting note,... if it sits there... at this stage... ads do continue to play, about one every 10 minutes... but no music. Like salt in an open wound.:eek:
  20. armoredsaint

    armoredsaint Well-Known Member

    It's funny I have the same problem after updating to 2.3.4, it's back to 1-2 minute start-ups and then 30 seconds to 1 minute between songs and skips between.

    I have full bars in my area, just when I thought Pandora was working great it goes a step back:confused:
  21. howardm

    howardm New Member

    For me, this Pandora "won't play on 3G" (but works fine on WiFi) problem started with the Pandora Sept 21st update to 1.5.13. This broke it on my X2 with Android 2.3.3 and was still broke after the update to 2.3.4. I was able to "fix" it by re-installing an old Pandora version (1.5.12) from an apk file. Now it plays in 3G also.

    I hope Pandora issues a new update soon to fix this so I can use a current release.

    - Howard
  22. utekking

    utekking Member

    Runs on 3G for me with no skips, latest version and 2.3.4.
  23. coolpoete

    coolpoete Well-Known Member

    I just installed it to check and it's working fine for me as well.
  24. msmall007

    msmall007 New Member

    I wish it were workign that way for me.... I got used to Pandora on long motorcycle rides... no resorting to the FM Radio app.

    I am curious, for those that are working, what DROID X2 firmware are you running? Mine is 1.3.380.MB870.Verizon.en.US

  25. coolpoete

    coolpoete Well-Known Member

    yes, everyone that is on 2.3.4 has the same firmware number.

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