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Pandora/last call redial bug????Support

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  1. Several times, and quite annoyingly, my phone will unlock itself while in my pocket with my headphone plugged in and me listening to Pandora and call the last number I dialed. This only happens if the phone is in my pocket...or once when I was boating I couldn't put the phone in a plastic ziplock bag without it dialing the last number... I've only noticed it happen with the slider lock, I haven't seen it with the pattern lock. This only happens when I have Pandora running.

    This is quite annoying, as I've pocket dialed a bunch of people at midnight and other odd hours... but I love Pandora...

    Anyone else ever heard of this before?

  2. Martimus

    Martimus One bite at a time... Moderator

    I don't think I've had that particular issue with Pandora on the DX.
  3. Paula Behrmann

    Paula Behrmann New Member

    I have that problem too, it's really annoying - any result in turning it off?

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