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  1. Ebattilana100

    Ebattilana100 Well-Known Member

    Ive been having problems with Pandora lately. .. its seems that everytime I'm trying to hear music with my head Khomeini my phone has a mind of its ow.n... randomly skipping songs or pausing them... but it only happens when my head phones are plugged in... has anyone experiencedthis??

  2. odhinn

    odhinn Well-Known Member

    I haven't had problems with Pandora. My problems have been with the built in Music player or Mixyng (or however it's spelled) turning on when I plug something into the headphone jack or remove it. e.g. get home, unplug line-in connector to stereo, and my phone starts playing music.

    I suspect a loose connection is causing noise which is being interpreted by the phone as ffwd/rew/play input from the headset. It looks like Android needs a better way to ignore any noise or spurious signals coming in via the headset jack.
  3. ztmike

    ztmike Well-Known Member

    No problems here with Pandora..I don't use headphones, but I use a audio cable that I plug into the Nexus to my cars stereo and listen to Pandora while driving. (who needs satellite radio?)

    Forgot to add that if it matters, I'm running CyanogenMod rom not the stock OS.
  4. Ebattilana100

    Ebattilana100 Well-Known Member

    The music problem you describe also happened to me today... I really don't understand the explanation You.gave
  5. Ebattilana100

    Ebattilana100 Well-Known Member

    Pandora was forced closed three times today...
  6. odhinn

    odhinn Well-Known Member

    The nexus one headset has controls on it to control the music player, answer the phone, etc. When you press one of those button on the headset cable it talks to the and through the headset Jack. I think the and is hearing noise from a loose connection as commands from those headset buttons.
  7. Danmandude

    Danmandude New Member

    My problem with Pandora is that it plays for a few seconds and just stops.I've had this problem for a week now.It's always worked great before.One thing is that I travel north and south on I-81 and my friend travels East and West on I-40 and he has had no problem at all.

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