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Pandora Radio: Great, but buggy

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  1. pokeguru87

    pokeguru87 New Member This Topic's Starter

    Jun 8, 2010
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    I have loved Pandora since a friend told me about it a while ago, and for the longest time I wanted an Android app for it so I could listen to it on the go. Well I finally got my wish. Overall the app works... most of the time. For some reason it likes to force close a lot on my G1 running 1.6. It was a lot worse when I was still running 1.5, but has improved since I upgraded. It still crashes but not nearly as much. The only consistent crash I can determine is if I have the Pandora widget on my startup home screen (which I do) it force closes on every single boot without fail. At least now I can actually use the app for a worth amount of time. I find it usually crashes when opening the window after doing something else while music plays, if that is helpful to anyone.


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