Pandora update problem/solution

  1. zeux6

    zeux6 Well-Known Member

    My first post and I hope it's a helpful one.

    Pandora radio came out with an update recently and when I updated, the icons and the radio itself would make the HTC Hero reboot itself. Best thing to do is to delete it completely from your phone and then go and redownload it and it'll work fine. I also find that doing it this way made the radio work faster. I also had that same problem with Slacker and had the same solution for it as well.

  2. pking

    pking Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the tip zeux6!

    I've been reluctant myself to update as the Moment users were reporting even worse Pandora issues after the update, and Pandora hasn't been very transparent about what's being changed in each revision

    So, thanks for being the guinea pig :)
  3. pdragon

    pdragon Well-Known Member

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