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    This app allows you to choose a contact ( friend, neighbor, police, or 911) to dial in case of an emergency such as a car accident, someone suspicious following you, robbery or any emergency you can think of. The app also sends a txt message to the emergency contact telling them that there’s an emergency and gives your location. The Panic Button has a widget that you can place on any of your home screens to allow easy access in case of emergency.
    This app goes on sale December 1, 2010 for $1.99 and would make a great christmas gift for your loved ones.

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  3. CriticalCritic

    CriticalCritic Well-Known Member

    So wait... it's a shortcut, on the home screen, that calls someone when you press the icon?

    It's the same as if you long pressed on your background, hit 'shortcut', then hit 'direct dial', then added that shortcut for anyone in your phonebook to the homescreen... except this one has a different icon and it costs $2? :confused:

    Well, I guess it does the text message too... good idea but I can do all of this with tasker.
  4. you go ahead and do that when you have a major emergency then, but I'm willing to bet my app gets the job done faster. It's one touch and done. You don't have time to scroll through your phone when someone is breaking into your house(I had this happen). Push the button get help to you as quick as possible. Don't forget it also gives your location.
  5. screwapple

    screwapple Member

    How does it present your location to the recipient? GPS coords?
  6. Squiggy

    Squiggy Well-Known Member

    Totally honorable intentions, but I'm wondering how this is different than putting a shortcut to 911 on my home screen...

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