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Pantech breakout wont connectGeneral

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  1. psidust42

    psidust42 New Member

    I cannot connect my phone to my laptop. I have the right USB and all and it says that there is something there but when I go to click it it tells me to insert a disk. HELP!

  2. daywalker03

    daywalker03 Member

    I had this problem at first; the drivers you need to install are on the phone, but it's not obvious how to get at them. You can't install them with the phone's SD card set to function as an external removable drive.
  3. psidust42

    psidust42 New Member

    Nope. Even if I unmount it or set it for charge only it still does the same thing. :mad: Can you supply me with a step by step way to alleviate this glitch?
  4. basoodler

    basoodler Well-Known Member

    I have the same issue. I can only keep the connection to the phone active for maybe two minutes. The connection I get leads to only the drivers and a read me. Also the phone wants to start a bootstrap.exe when plugged in. this actually will remove the connection to the phone when it runs

    At one point I got the PC to recognize the phone long enough to move the root files to the phone. But I have not been able to duplicate it to get the ROM files transferred.
  5. daywalker03

    daywalker03 Member

    A quick guide:

    1: Create a new folder on the desktop and open it.
    2: Disable the Autorun feature of Windows; it may not help, but it won't hurt either.
    3: Connect the phone after opening Windows Explorer and open the drive that appears.
    4: This part is tricky; while the drive is open, copy ths files to the folder on the desktop. You may need to repeat this step a few time..
    5. Once you have successfully copied the files, run the bootstrap program; these are the files that you need to be able to consistently connect to the phone.
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  6. trader68

    trader68 New Member

    Hey daywalker03,
    Thanks for the help bro! Newbie here w/ a stupid question:
    I did all that files transfer stuff and I have no idea how to install all those files? It would be cool if I could just drag and drop the whole file into some sort of installsheild and it would figure it out, lol. My phone never had the bootstrap.exe file pop up when I first connected it, arrrgg.

    I am trying to tether my Breakout via direct USB connection to my XP desktop here. (don't ask..it's a long story) but I am stuck in temp housing here for the next 2 months while they finish building my house here in socal. The Marriott suite has no hardwired cat 5E ports on the wall, only their crappy wireless. I tryed Verizon's new hotspot wireless and it sucks! Keeps dropping! I trade FX for a living, so I gotta get this fixed now! :confused:
  7. siloowns

    siloowns New Member

    This is what i did to fix it. i went to my android sdk and updated everythign on it. Literally EVERYTHING. downloading and installed everything. then when i went to plug the phone in the motorola verizon bootstrap popped up to install. so update your android sdk then plug ur phone in and you can connect it to your computer

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