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  1. besim

    besim New Member

    I recently bougth Pantech burst. Excellent value for money. I rooted it successfully and istalled some games and apps( via torrent downloads, not from market). Camera worked fine 2 days ago. however, today i tried to launch it but got this error-"Application camera (process has stopped unexpectedly". I did make some changes since it worked last time- I changed the build.prop file( and ro.product manufacturer) in order to install games that are usually incompatible. I installed gangstar rio, modern combat 3 and max payne and they work perfect. Could this be the cause?

  2. besim

    besim New Member

    I feel a bit dumb now :D I restored the original build.prop file and camera works. Should have tried this before posting. sorry :eek: The good thing is, all games still work- seems like you only need to change build.prop to install them. At least this could be helpful to someone googling the same problem :D

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