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  1. resa2012

    resa2012 Well-Known Member

    I'm probably on wrong forum if so Im sorry. I received a text from my phone company a week ago. saying my pantech burst upgrade to android 4.0 ice cream sandwich...... i'm not familar with technology at all and was wondering if this would be wise to do? it does tell me to get on a computer and go to .... and that i couldnt do it from my phone.... so any thoughts on this is? thanks in advance :)

  2. Prinny

    Prinny Resident Linux Nutcase

    Hello there!

    We've taken the liberty to move your post to the Pantech Burst forums where you'll get more support!

    Good luck with your question!
  3. Rsccman

    Rsccman Member

    i did, i kidna regret it, but its ok mostly =/
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  4. resa2012

    resa2012 Well-Known Member

    ok i have been putting more thought into upgrading..... i have games and other apps that i do not want to lose. i want to know is it very beneficial to upgrade or if not to just stay the same? i do not know any thing what so ever about phone technology and what all my system settings are set at or should be set at etc. so if anyone wants to help me and describe the pros and cons i'm greatful if i decide to do this upgrade, whoever decides to give me info please continue helping me while i'm upgrading so i dont mess NOTHING up...thank you all in advance :)
  5. resa2012

    resa2012 Well-Known Member

    nobody is interested in helping me on this issue? nor my other threads...this makes me wanna check out different android forums hmmm
  6. resa2012

    resa2012 Well-Known Member

    I want to do this upgrade. what will happen to any of the apps i've downloaded from google play? will they stay on my phone? what about my photos and music? i do have photos backed up to photobucket but i'd still like them to stay on my phone so i dont have to redownload them to phone after upgrade.....i tried to sync my contacts to my gmail account associated with my phone but it says sync is down right now..... i was able to put contacts on my sd card however i dont know how to retrieve them from sd card once the upgrade is completed. i do not know how to see whats on my sd card unless i put the card in my lg encore phone..... so i'm ready to try this new upgrade i made up my mind but need to know about any back up apps that i MUST have....if there is no MUST HAVE BACK UP APPS NEEDED then i can proceed? i did notice on the website to start the upgrade that it requires you to have xp computer or vista etc. however all i have is a mac.... will this work? pls HELP HELP THANKS IN ADVANCE :)
  7. resa2012

    resa2012 Well-Known Member

    I did the upgrade and like the new look thus far and functionality ....
  8. resa2012

    resa2012 Well-Known Member

    Oh and it did not loose anything thus far still have pics and music and game apps
  9. alenhoff

    alenhoff Member

    the upgrade tool is a .exe windows program so it won't run on mac. i suppose you could try it if you have a new enough mac to install a copy of windows on using bootcamp or an emulator like parallels. not sure though.

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