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Pantech Perception 4.1.2

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  1. beviglione

    beviglione New Member

    Is there a guide on how to root a Pantech Perception 4.1.2 yet?

  2. mordant80

    mordant80 New Member

    Just ordered this phone. Hopefully I'll be able to root it. First thing I'm going to try is this: [ROOT] Motochopper: Yet Another Android Root Exploit [4.1.2] - Droid Razr HD Development [XT926] - DroidRzr.com

    Direct link to file:

    It's a pretty generic root that worked on my LG spectrum 2 with the same version of android. I'm fairly confident this will be able to root this phone... hopefully :)

    My biggest concern is there is no leaked stock image or anything like that, so if something doesnt go right, there's no way to recover.
  3. conradrock

    conradrock New Member

    Motochopper works, just ran it and everything rooted fine. GTG!
  4. tracyt33

    tracyt33 New Member

    it did work with no problems?? I want to root also, but afraid to try with no stock image available anywhere if something goes wrong.
  5. tracyt33

    tracyt33 New Member

    Did you ever try to use this, and if so did it work? someone else on here said that it did..

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