Pantech Pocket recovery menu?

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  1. leow

    leow Member

    Any ideas how to get into Recovery Mode?

  2. priz78

    priz78 New Member

    ТО Recovery Mode hold down the volume "-" and hold + Key "home" and hold + click and hold "power" 5 seconds later, as the screen appears to let go of power Now waiting for firmware?))
  3. Nimche

    Nimche New Member

    On my phone,
    Hold "Home Button" + "Volume Down" + "Power"
    If only "Triangle shows on screen" let go of all buttons and press home once and recovery should be there.

    For fastboot:
    Hold "Menu Button" + "Volume Up" + "Power"

    I got the phone bricked, anyone could fix this?
  4. priz78

    priz78 New Member

    all question available firmware...
  5. Nimche

    Nimche New Member

    I don't get exactly why you meant? Is there a solution?
  6. priz78

    priz78 New Member

  7. PantechPA

    PantechPA New Member

    Did you ever solve this problem?
    I have the same issue now.

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