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  1. Winddale

    Winddale Active Member

    How many of us are here? I'm quite curious. If I happen to be the only one, I'm going to be sad... :confused:

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  2. lunatikk

    lunatikk New Member

    I am lol
  3. amablejaquez

    amablejaquez New Member

    Looking for a custom recovery.
  4. kankfraud

    kankfraud Member

    Did any of you guys root the phone. And also whats the upto-date version of android is it running.
    Did any of you get any updates from pantech from there PC Suite
  5. Azraelalpha

    Azraelalpha New Member

    I am also using a Pantech Pocket right now. I live in Mexico but I got an unlocked AT& Pocket from a friend.

    I was able to root the phone using SuperOneClick and managed to get rid of the AT&T bloatware that is really not needed in my country. I was also able to replace the stock status bar color and status bar icons using Rom Toolbox.

    The phone came with Gingerbread on it (2.3.4) and AFAIK there are not firmware updates from Pantech yet.

    So far, so good but I'm still hoping someone will come out and develop a custom recovery for it, until then I'm afraid we won't be getting much love from the custom ROM devs (CM, AOPK).

    Regardless of that, I love the phone since day one, it's almost like having a tablet :D.
  6. eezapz2101

    eezapz2101 New Member

    i just got the same phone and also i am in mexico, so i need to know if has anyone upgraded their phone to android 4.0?

    oye mano pasame la manera en que le quitaste el firmware de at&t no?
    y no sabes como actualizarlo al android 4.0? este es mi corro te lo agradeceria un chorro

  7. andresvg8

    andresvg8 New Member

    Hola, soy Andr
  8. techmike

    techmike Member

    I also have a Pocket, and other than the internal storage filling with bug reports, I like it. Rooted with Super One Click, Titanium Back up to freeze/delete bloatware apps.
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  9. Roger2008

    Roger2008 Member

    Two stores that normally sell used cell phones were selling brand new unlocked Pantech Pockets for $149.99.

    I saw that it had a screen resolution of 600x800 and that the Adobe Flashplayer was installed on it so so I took some money out of the bank and bought it.

    For that price I would have bought it even if the screen was only 480x640.

    I like being able to get to the task manager with the "Home" button and wish other devices could do that.

    After messing with it I learned the Pantech Pocket has a little trouble doing two things at once like recording radio and being used as a Bluetooth DUN hotspot but if I really have to do that I'll just move my SIM card to another device.

  10. EDGATO

    EDGATO New Member

  11. nurphya

    nurphya New Member

    Same problem here, anybody can give me a rom backup of your rom?
  12. andrained

    andrained New Member

    I love mine, the size and features are perfect for my needs, would like to get the AT & T bloatware off it, and I just wish it had more internal memory!
  13. Innomen

    Innomen New Member

    Pantech Pocket here as well :)

    Someone explain to me why only a handful of us care about this phone? It was the easiest root ever, it's one of like only what 6 phablets, and it's got like a case built onto it, and it being wider solves the ever present fat finger problem!

    You'd think humanity only produced 6 tall men or something.

    I love the design. Anyway, mine is in perfect working order factory unlocked for 1$ and rooted. Now running a prepaid tmobile micro sim.

    I haven't done much with it because as far as I can tell there is no custom recovery.

    The Nandroid online app makes one, supposedly, but if I bork the rom, how can I restore without a custom recovery to flash the rom?

    I feel like I've just stumbled onto a secret society :) We should make a G+ community :)
  14. Mindphaser

    Mindphaser New Member

    Just picked up a Pocket off my local Craigslist for fifty bucks. For the price I'm freaking thrilled even if it's older and single core. Love the SVGA screen and design.

    Wish we had custom ROMS and bootloader. :(
  15. andrained

    andrained New Member

    I love it, i keep my most used apps on it, i absolutely love the size, and I hope it keeps ticking. Wish Pantech would do a Pocket II - lots of others do it, and a III and a IV etc., so why not Pantech?
  16. tsandra

    tsandra Member

    I'm a Pocket fan..:)
  17. OShirleyUjest

    OShirleyUjest New Member

    I purchased one this week from an online source and had a number ported over to it. It was completed as of this posting date and so far, so good. This will be a secondary (business) phone to my Note, so it's limitations are not an issue for me. Especially since this plan is less per month than paying for a second line on my cell!

    I do wish it had more internal memory, but have moved any app possible to the SD card. Don't want to risk monkeying anything up, so just removed as much bloatware as possible and downloaded apps needed basically for effective communications.

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