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  1. Whyzed

    Whyzed New Member

    Hey all! How addictive is this game .. its unbelievable. Gotta build em all =P

    I'm after some more friends so add me!

    Island Name: Puffolis
    Username: Whyzed
    Friend Code: 489576

    Quick question - what does having people like your island achieve for you?

  2. ssgr3g

    ssgr3g Member

    Please invite me:

    username: ssgreg
    friend code: 639bbb

  3. Malpais03

    Malpais03 New Member

    Add me too!!!

    user name: FinKeyBowlBusta
    friend code: 95d314
  4. Nonverbose

    Nonverbose New Member


    friend code: b8ae1f

    Feel free to add me :)
  5. hkchun

    hkchun New Member

    Janko isle

    What's up with the gift codes? Where do we get those?
  6. Deluxe102

    Deluxe102 New Member

    Please add me: IslandDeluxe
    Friendcode: 45a648

    Thanks :)
  7. tracyloo

    tracyloo New Member

    I has no friends :(
    88eab8;) Thank You!
  8. Jaboc

    Jaboc New Member

    Come on, be my friend

  9. DanGruben

    DanGruben New Member

  10. kreestow

    kreestow New Member

    add me:


    friend code 621c48
  11. mrmark

    mrmark New Member

    Username: MrMark
    Friendcode: 20e689
  12. tartara

    tartara New Member

    Friend me: tartara
    Also do any other Sprint users get this message "Player have not yet posted new information about himself, probably he has connection issues, try to visit him later."
    I have gotten this message several times- I sent a help ticket to the game administrators but they did not have an answer. Does anyone know what needs to be updated or how to get around this? Thanks
  13. mel920

    mel920 New Member

    add me: Mel920. friend code: 630cde. I'm starting from scratch, just lost everything when my phone reset. grrr. Anyone know how to back up the game without rooting?
  14. mel920

    mel920 New Member

    I got this a few times. The person probably has an outdated version of the game. Try visiting someone else.
  15. kreestow

    kreestow New Member

    Add my gurfren:

    botibol 2

  16. kreestow

    kreestow New Member

    I get this too on certain islands. SOOO annoying. I cant find an answer to the problem anywhere. GRRR!
  17. Niella

    Niella Member

    Hi again, i changed my name

    my friend code is: d785a8

    name: Niella

    Island: Honey Hive
  18. dearjihyun0411

    dearjihyun0411 New Member


    name is dearjihyun0411

    code is 588bcd
  19. rc21pgh

    rc21pgh New Member

    Name: coktar
    Friend code: f766cb
  20. daniday08

    daniday08 New Member

    hi please add me :p
    friend code 12706b
  21. holidaydancer

    holidaydancer New Member

    Please friend me, Im a far too frequent player with few friends.
    code: f566bc
  22. harrytime

    harrytime New Member

    hi, new to the game. PLEASE ADD ME. harry time

  23. steven0420

    steven0420 Member

    Please add me~

    name: araco
    code: fd3025

  24. veronicab

    veronicab New Member

    Please add me
    Name: Jailer

  25. Sereia

    Sereia New Member

    add me
    name: carinhosaa

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