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  1. Stratocumulus

    Stratocumulus New Member

    Hi people, pls add me:

    Code: 5bcd5c

    Tja is, Guys!

  2. clayartisan

    clayartisan New Member

    If you haven't used up your one-time Friend Code entry yet, I would very much appreciate it if you use mine:


    For newbies, you enter this in the on the 3 little people button, then go to services and enter under friend code. If you don't see the blank space to enter a Friend Code, click the red cancel button and you will get the list of all the items under services, then choose "Enter friend code".

    If you've already used the friend code, then please invite me under the friends tab.
    Game name: clayartisan
    Island name: Isla Mystica

    Thank you!
  3. ElkenHyde

    ElkenHyde New Member


    Please add me: ElkenHyde

    Friend code: c27673


  4. Shen Gaoren

    Shen Gaoren New Member

    Hi everybody

    Feel free to use my friend's code

    Friend code: 853448

    Thank you and have fun:)
  5. Briguyflyguy

    Briguyflyguy New Member

  6. 1fastnurse

    1fastnurse New Member

    Please add me and my husband..

    Super Mito Girl
    friend code: bb1639

    friend code: 72b3fa1
  7. Careytheodorou

    Careytheodorou New Member

    Add me as a friend I am Carey Theodorou

    Vote for my island please and I will vote for your island!
  8. casablanca1426

    casablanca1426 New Member

    Please add me and my wife.

    Name: casablanca1426
    friend code: dd7033

    Name: queen1426
    friend code: 126b74
  9. lordwatson

    lordwatson New Member

    Add me: lordwatson2

    friend code: 8bf4e61
  10. nilix3

    nilix3 New Member

    add me nilix3
  11. rockerstouch19

    rockerstouch19 New Member

    Add me as your friend.


    Also add sillywillie. :)
  12. Rockerstouch

    Rockerstouch New Member

    Also add my friend Lmorr33.

    She needs friends.
  13. razeher

    razeher New Member

    Buat smuanya mari kita be a friend
    Add saya : razeher
    Friend code : 33bada
  14. toll888

    toll888 Member

    add me: tollS888
    friend code: b010e4
  15. atomikbaby

    atomikbaby Member

    Please add me I will rate your island


  16. snoopsy

    snoopsy New Member

    Please be my friend. I will rate yours and visit your island to cleanup :)
    Name: snoopsy
    Friend code: 01baab
    (1st character is number zero)

  17. stickyland

    stickyland New Member

    Add me stickyhoutland. frendcode. 228de8 greetss sticky.
  18. Evillover333

    Evillover333 New Member

    Add me evillover333 friend code ofbab4 I like everyone
  19. fermz

    fermz New Member

    username: fermz Friend code: a728c7
  20. ralukutza

    ralukutza New Member

    please add: rapata :D
  21. Tbrand3

    Tbrand3 New Member

    Sweeteemarie :)
  22. artificialzen

    artificialzen New Member

    Add me please i'm new!
    Name: MongoBongoo

    and I don't know where to find the code..
  23. Deluxe102

    Deluxe102 New Member

    Pls add me: ISLANDDELUXE :)

    Friend code 45a648
  24. kuga22

    kuga22 New Member

    Add me please :) kuga22
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  25. steven0420

    steven0420 Member

    Please add me..

    Hoo seok

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