Parental Restrictions?

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  1. willettw

    willettw New Member

    I just got an Android phone for my son. Is there any way to set up parental restrictions on the phone so he doesn't have full access to everything on the browser? I have hidden the browser icon, but that's not going to work very long. He's not very computer/tech savvy, but his friends will show him. His iPod Touch has restriction settings, so wondering if Android has anything like it. I've searched this forum and the net and haven't found anything.

  2. skilaufen

    skilaufen Well-Known Member

    If you have Verizon you can go to your account on and set an filter access level for browsing. I don't know if some apps download photos/content directly to your phone, but if they require any internet access Verizon will block it based on your filter setting.

    The only bypass to be aware of is if you have a wifi connection in your house that doesn't go through Verizon then the filter won't catch it.

    I don't know of any app setting like the Iphone/Ipod touch and the only way I can think of to remove the browser is to "root" you phone which is on a whole different level.

    (If you don't have Verizon I am sorry that I wasn't much help.)

    There is a parental control app in the market called SMobile Parental Control. It cost $29.99 and I can't vouch for it either good or bad (only did a general search for parental control apps for this post).
  3. Control Freak

    Control Freak New Member

    I would like my son to NOT have access to a browser on his Android phone, if I buy him one. Sounds awful, but some apps act like focused mini browsers (e.g. weather and stock quotes) without the distraction of a browser. I have an Apple iTouch and the browser can be inactivated and adding apps can require a password. This allows the phone apps to be selected to do exactly what is needed without kids getting an opportunity to get into trouble on the web. If equivalent functionality exists in the Android system, I would like to know about it.
  4. skilaufen

    skilaufen Well-Known Member

    The only way to accomplish removing the stock browser that I am aware of is to "root" your phone and get super use permissions. Android is a great "open" system without a lot of restrictions. The downside is that it is hard to shut down access to things. Sorry I can't be more helpfu.:(
  5. blackvyper

    blackvyper Well-Known Member

    The browser can be removed through root but another can be downloades for free.. Opera, SkyFire, etc. There are a number of password apps on the Market that you can try. This will allow you to password protect apps you don't want used. Hopefully your child doesn't know much about rooting because flashing a new ROM takes about a minute :)

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