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Parrot Bluetooth / Droid - Problems

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  1. artnalex

    artnalex Active Member

    I have a Parrot Bluetooth Car Kit (CK3200 Color-LS) in my car. Usually, when I get in my car the Parrot/Bluetooth pairs with my LG enV within 20 seconds. But now that I got a Droid, it pairs within 20 seconds, but only the sound. I can't access any of my phonebook contacts through the Parrot.

    Any suggestions so that I can receive the contacts through the Bluetooth/Parrot?

  2. artnalex

    artnalex Active Member

  3. roboid

    roboid Member

    I have the same problem on my Infiniti G35.

    I think it is a bug.

    The voice hookup and calling works fine if I manually enter a contact, but no ability to enter contacts via bluetooth.
  4. agemme27

    agemme27 Well-Known Member

    What software version are you using on the parrot. I have the same one and i just updated to the current software and it seemed to fix the problem. now if i could just get it to sync my facebook profile pics i would be set.
  5. artnalex

    artnalex Active Member

    Well, I am using the most recent software upgrade, as I just did it tonight. It seems to "start" synchronising the contacts, but "fails" after only a few contacts. It always says "Synchronising failed".

    I was able to access a few contacts (5 people), but my phone has over 20 contacts. I can't even get Parrot to respond to my freaking questions.
  6. agemme27

    agemme27 Well-Known Member

    hmm. Maybe it has something to do with the way you sync. is your bluetooth on before you turn the car on? mine is kinda hit or miss too sometimes. i'll get all the contacts one time and only some of them other times.
  7. artnalex

    artnalex Active Member

    My phone is on before I get in the car.
  8. agemme27

    agemme27 Well-Known Member

    well I had to replace my droid yesterday due to and echo issue and the one time i tried syncing it in the car, my contacts wouldnt come up either. hopefully the update will fix some of these issues. Dec 11th cant come soon enough
  9. dB Zac

    dB Zac Well-Known Member

    I am having the same problem, flashed the newest software from parrot twice! Still have the problem. talked to Motorola and they said to contact Parrot and make sure these bluetooth profiles are suported: serial port profile, headset profile, hands-free profile version 1.5, AVRCP, and SDAP. I have contacted them but have not heard back yet from Parrot
  10. Tim K

    Tim K Well-Known Member Contributor

    Yeah, I don't even bother with my parrot kit anymore. The droid almost never connects and or pairs with it.
  11. roboid

    roboid Member

    I just solved my Bluetooth problem (above) - the new 1.98 version of the app "Bluetooth file transfer" did it. They fixed a bug that didn't allow contact transfers.
  12. dB Zac

    dB Zac Well-Known Member

    where did you get that?
  13. Redflea

    Redflea Well-Known Member

    Just search for the name in marketplace..."Bluetooth file transfer" as he notes.
  14. artnalex

    artnalex Active Member

    Unfortunately, did not help me.
  15. Hey guys.....
    I have a parrot kit in my car just as all you guys do. I had the same issue for days when i got the phone. There is something you have to do right after you enter the "0000" pairing code.

    Try this:
    1. delete the current pairing on the phone
    2. repair the both together
    3. as soon as you enter the code to pair them look on the notifications list on the phone, you will see something there for pairing.... OPEN IT UP.... and hit the button to sync your contacts!!!!!!
    4. wait 20 seconds for the first time and you are done....

    You dont have to update your Parrot kit.... There is nothing wrong with it. Im sure it will work on factory bluetooths as well......

    Let me know how it goes....
  16. artnalex

    artnalex Active Member

    OK but how do I un-pair from my Droid? I only know how to unpair from my Parrot BT.
  17. artnalex

    artnalex Active Member

    I can only seem to get a few contacts to move over via Bluetooth. I have no idea why the rest don't move over.
  18. artnalex

    artnalex Active Member

    The latest update for DROID seems to have fixed the issue. My contacts appear on my Parrot now.
  19. secgeek

    secgeek New Member

    I have the parrot 3100 and it connects immediately and phonebook works no problem on the initial sync... This was before and after the update... Only issue we have is when my wife and I are both in the car, both Droids seem to fight for the pairing... So now we make sure only the drivers phone has bluetooth on when were together...
  20. heiliner

    heiliner New Member

    The Parrot MKi9200 and my Verizon Droid had file transfer issues. The phone book would not transfer. To resolve the issue, from Droid Market Place I downloaded Droid Bluetooth File Transfer. Next, on the Droid I trasferred my phonebook (export) to the SD Card. After that, I set the Parrot MKi9200 to receive a "push".... Back on the Droid again using Bluetooth File Transfer I located the phonebook file and checked it. Then, I sent it to the Parrot MKi9200 via bluetooth. I think the Droid and the Parrot MKi9200 should really just pair and file transfer BUT if that doesn't happen, the above though cumbersome works.
  21. pwfb

    pwfb New Member

    Could you explain further step #2?

    I activated a HTC Incredible yesterday and am having several "issues", including this one. The Parrot Bluetooth Car Kit (CK3200 Color-LS) tries to download my contacts (pretty large db!) and eventually crashes and freezes. I have to power off the car and restart.

    Actually, at this point, I would just be happy if the BT part worked consistently and did not transfer ANY of my contacts, or perhaps just a handful that I specified.


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