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  1. jimfj

    jimfj Member

    I have a simple question that I cannot find the answer to:

    Will this headset,

    Work with my Google G1? I have 1.6 firmware.

    The phone aspect isn't as important as the ability to listen to my audio files and something like Pandora while riding. I don't want to buy this and find out it wont play in stereo, or just one of the speakers is working.


  2. jimfj

    jimfj Member

    I have answered my own question through reasearch on other sites. It will work and the music comes in in stereo.

    Hope this helps someone else.
  3. AirCatHeavy

    AirCatHeavy Well-Known Member

    I would be interested in this.
    How does it work for phone conversations while riding?

    Unfortunately, the G1 has no auto answer feature so I find it VERY inconvenient for use while riding the bike.


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