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  1. dajomu

    dajomu Member

    I see that the Nexus S has the memory partitioned to 1GB for apps and an internal usb-memory of 15GB.
    1. Why is that?
    2. Why the need for partitions?
    3. Is it possible to resize the partitions or is this two memory chips divided physically?
    4. Is there any speed difference between these?
    5. Would moving an app to the usb-memory slow things down?
    6. If an app was moved to this memory, could I still run the program as a widget?

    At the moment I have a HTC Desire and the internal memory is so small that I cannot install flash. If HTC ship a new update I will have to delete some programs to have the space available for the update.
    I do have an external memory chip on the phone, but still...

    It is probably enough with 1GB on the Nexus S, but I would like to have all 16GB in one partition instead.


  2. quantumrand

    quantumrand Well-Known Member

    The 1GB partition is reserved for installing applications. It's possible to move apps to the remaining 15GB of USB memory as long as the app supports it. They do this so that apps can be better protected from piracy as well as keeping the data associated with the apps secure.

    The two partitions are on the same physical chip, so it probably is possible to resize these partitions through rooting methods, but I have not come across any attempts to do so. 1GB should be enough space for plenty of apps.

    Because both partitions are on the same chip, both are just as fast (a significant benefit over SD card based storage). Moving apps to the USB memory will not slow anything down, however, any apps on this partition will not function when the USB storage is not mounted to the phone, such as when copying files from your computer. As long as the USB storage is mounted to the phone, any apps or widgets on that partition will function as normal.

    I currently have 70+ applications installed, many of which are fairly large, and I still have 750MB of space left for apps. Many apps support moving them to the "SD card" so if I somehow did start to run low on space, I could easily make more by moving the compatible apps.
  3. dajomu

    dajomu Member

    Thanks a lot, that really helps. Then I have decided to buy this phone.
  4. bfksc

    bfksc Well-Known Member

    I think you'll like the Nexus S. I came from the Desire too, and the "vanilla android" lacks many of the nice widgets and integration from HTC. But the good news is replacements are available in the Market. For instance, Beautiful Widgets has a nicer version with many more options than the HTC clock/weather widget. Smooth Calendar provides an Agenda style calendar widget which looks a lot like the HTC version but again with a lot more options. So far I've found similar or better widgets and apps all for free in the Market, except for BW which is a paid app but worth the few bucks it costs.

    Bonuses include that the Nexus S is unlocked, it has good battery life, and it's quite a snappy phone for being "last generation". It certainly is a lot faster in everyday use than the Motorola Atrix I had for a week (and returned it because it was aweful and slow).

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