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  1. honeybee70

    honeybee70 New Member

    Hi, i need help and advice, i bought a acer iconia 100 from my local carboot sale and i was shown it working but when i got home the battery had ran out so i charged it and its saying password needed, i rushed back to the carboot but the seller had packed up and had gone so now i am stuck with this tablet that i cant do anything with, i have tried to reset it and it still requests a password, i have also tried to hold down on/off button and hold down volume and then slide lock on/off and still nothing, sometime i can get the android robot up on the screen where a boot menu comes up but all it lets me do is scroll up/down, is their anway i can reset to factory settings or am i screwed

  2. matt190191

    matt190191 Well-Known Member

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