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Password protected folder for Home Screen

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  1. AppliedScience

    AppliedScience New Member This Topic's Starter

    Nov 28, 2009
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    I use AK Notepad to write memos to myself, as I tend to forget a lot of things. Sometimes I keep shortcuts to my notes on my home screen.

    Christmas is coming up and I wanted to keep a list of gift ideas, but I can't leave a shortcut to it because my girlfriend likes to use my Droid every now and then and obviously she shouldn't see what I'm thinking of purchasing for her.

    I could create a folder and put note shortcuts in there... but a password to protect the folder would be ideal.

    I haven't done extensive research, but I'm pretty sure this doesn't already exist. I'm not a dev and I don't know how to write any sort of code, otherwise I would attempt this myself.



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