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Password Reset MID8125 HELP!!Support

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  1. zking280

    zking280 New Member

    I purchased a Coby Kyros MID8125 for my daughter and she set a password(not an unlock pattern) and does not remember it. I checked other forums for the process to reset the password as well as Coby's website. I try to boot into recovery by holding the power button and the silver button at the same time until the android guy appears with the warning triangle as per their instructions. After that I can't get the tablet to do anything, pressing the back button once as they instruct does nothing. No key does anything. ANY IDEAS?? Anyone? Please help! (BTW entering the incorrect password a bunch of times does not allow you to recover the password with Google account like my phone does)

  2. tiptoe

    tiptoe Active Member

    Exact same problem except its a pattern lock. any help is appreciated

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