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  1. fried chicken

    fried chicken Active Member

    I uploaded an app - Tape a Talk Pro Voice Recorder - which permits me to send recordings to folders that I set up. However, the developer includes this warning:

    Enabling this option will give you the possibility to enter a path where files should be saved. In the case that you own a device that has a large internal flash memory, you will have to use this to enter the path to the external memory card. You have to find out this path by yourself. Often it is of the form /mnt/sdcard or /mnt/external or something similar. Please use a file manager to find out the path to your external flash memory.

    My device is Verizon Samsung SCH-I510.

    Does anybody know the path that I should use?

  2. fried chicken

    fried chicken Active Member

    I typed in mnt/sdcard as Custom File Directory name AND success !! It seems to be working fine.
    It's a great app for anyone who needs to record short audio tracks. There's a free version -- and the PRO is only $5.
    The sound files can be easily uploaded to Dropbox btw.

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