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  1. path

    path Member

    Brand new Tmobile Galaxy S3 and I've got the pattern lock screen set for my security settings. I'll turn the phone on and the lock screen will be shifted to the right, so much so that I am unable to enter the pattern correctly.Its happened 3 times now, and I cant seem to figure out what's causing it..

    Has anyone else run into this issue?

  2. sherlock5545

    sherlock5545 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, it happens if you were using a full screen app such as a game and it hasn't been closed properly when you locked the screen. When it happens, just turn the screen off again, an then turn it on. It should solve the issue.
  3. ObsceneJesster

    ObsceneJesster Active Member

    I've had it happen once about 3 weeks ago. It hasn't happened since. What the poster above makes sense.
  4. path

    path Member

    It has happened two more times today, i tried turning the screen on and off, but the only way to get around it is to restart the phone/or shut it off. The only app I seem to be using when it happens is Whatsapp..
  5. morty346

    morty346 New Member

    Def. a issue,
    Mine is a tmobile

    others seem to see this too:
    Support: Pattern Screen Shift to Top Right

    also this doesnt always seem to be with full screen apps, mine just does it randomly when I havent been using my phone

    Mines done it about ~30 times, and seems to be getting more frequent...

    My wife has same phone she complains about it happening to hers more then it does to mine

    -I dont have that app -
  6. mshad4th

    mshad4th New Member

    Don't know if anyone else is still experiencing this problem but I was angry that a reboot was the only solution.
    So I started putzing around and figured out the following is a quicker fix:

    • on broken unlock screen
    • select emergency call
    • Turn phone to landscape so the emergency call dial pad appears/ phone makes the orientation change
    • hit back or cancel
    This should return the lock screen to the normality of normalness.

    Hope this helps some people hope even more they fix this issue.
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  7. digitalpapa

    digitalpapa New Member

    mshad4th, you're a genious! That solves the problem! Thank you!!!
  8. Tom92024

    Tom92024 New Member

    Thanks, mshad4th This has been driving me insane, especially since here we are, eight months after path's original post, and neither T-Mobile nor Samsung seem to consider it important enough to fix!?

    (Thinking my next phone will be a Nexus <smile>)
  9. Jenn Graham

    Jenn Graham New Member

    Mine does this constantly. Doesn't matter what I was doing, doesn't matter if I closed all the apps before or not. The lock screen shifts when i turn the screen back on. I've used every type of lock screen to make it easier to get back in, but it always results in me having to reboot the phone. I probably end up rebooting my phone 10 times a day or just not using it at all. I HATE this phone.

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