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  1. EVGA_RobB

    EVGA_RobB Active Member

    Hey All,

    I will be at PAX East 2013 and if anyone from Android Forums is going, I'd love to meet you! Come by the EVGA Booth and mention Android Forums (if you mention to anyone else they will think your crazy..) and I will make sure to get you some swag. I will be the only EVGA guy that is completely bald, so should be easy to find me. :)

    We will also have 2 contests going on for Gaming PCs from Origin and Digital Storm. Check the link for more details!

    EVGA | Articles | EVGA at PAX East 2013

    We are at Booth 172 and I would love to meet more Android Gamers!


    @ Moderators, Phases is aware that I do EVGA support on this site, but if for any reason the above post is not allowed, please feel free to remove. But honestly, I just like meeting our customers and give away stuff!

  2. alostpacket

    alostpacket Over Macho Grande? VIP Member

    Don't think I am going but if I am near Boston, (quite possible) I'll drop you a PM :)

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