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Payment methods for Google Play Store

  1. GodsPrototype

    GodsPrototype New Member

    So yesterday I got my first Android device ever. The Asus Transformer Infinity. So far I am very pleased, however, I noticed that the only payment method in the Google Play Store is a Credit Card or a Debit Card. I only have a Maestro card. I can charge my paypal account with it, buy stuff in iTunes through Click&Buy very easily. Only Google Play Store does not seem to work for me. I do want to use it though for music etc.

    So I came across stuff like Virtual/Cyber credit cards. My bank, as far as I know, does not allow this option. I did find something called a "Paypal Debit Card". So I wanted to know if anyone tried using this. Will it work?

    and btw, I live in the Netherlands and my bank is ING

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