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Payment Question

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  1. ChristTheSon

    ChristTheSon Well-Known Member

    This might seem like a crazy question but i wanted to get a truthful answer...i got my taxes coming soon and wanted to pay my phone bill six months in Advance like You can with your car insurance. Whats the best way about going about this with metro? Can you use the ewallet? Is it even possible to do this? I dont plan on leaving metro anytime soon.

  2. alfick3

    alfick3 Well-Known Member

    My wife and I do this but for a year at a time. I know there's people that say we are giving them a loan for a year, but it works for us, since we then don't have to worry about the month to month bill for a year. We go into a store and pay it.
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  3. gerry142

    gerry142 Active Member

    I'm pretty sure one of my friends has done that.
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  4. n4zty

    n4zty Well-Known Member



    just place the amount you want to put into your account and each month they will just charge you from your account till its drained.Always pay online they dont charge you any fees!
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  5. rottweilerjim

    rottweilerjim Well-Known Member

    I'd hold off untill the t mobile merger goes through.
  6. ChristTheSon

    ChristTheSon Well-Known Member

    VaEverytime i try to pay like 200 toward my bill i get an error message. Metro connect i hear if you put money on it can only be used toward ringtones and apps...NOT payments.

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