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PC Connection

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  1. GavinB

    GavinB Member

    Hey all!

    Having an issue with USB connection and my Tattoo!

    Let me give you the background.

    I got my HTC tattoo, got it home, plugged it in and it did the automatic install and worked fine, HTC Sync worked as well as data transfer. Sadly there was a problem with the phones battery and it was promptly returned to vodafone. I was supplied with a brand new Tattoo which works fantasticly, the only problem I have is that it will no longer connect to the PC and im unable to connect to HTC Sync or data transfer.

    I have no errors at all on screen and the green light on the Tattoo lights up to signify that a connection is being made via usb (and charges the phone)

    Heres what ive tried so far:

    1: Ive uninstalled HTC Sync and Drivers and removed all traces of them from my computers registry and re-installed the software and drivers and restarted the phone and computer = nothing

    2: Ive checked through the phone from start to finish and am unable to find anything at all that would stop data connection.

    3: I've checked Device manager and it shows nothing about the phone when connected

    4: The "safely remove hardware" icon in the bottom right taskbar does not appear.

    5: HTC Sync doesnt recognise that a phone is connected when plugged in.

    Please can somebody help!? I'm desperate to get some music on my phone!

  2. MaxiP

    MaxiP Active Member

    What OS are you running ? I still can't get HTC Sync to work on Windows 7
    Do you have USB debugging enabled on your handset ?
    When you connect, are you prompted for mode (HTC sync or disk drive) ?
    Have you installed the latest / correct USB drivers on your PC ?

    I now have syncing nicely with a XP laptop and can sync Outlook / etc as well as installing apps although I did have to use the latest HTC USB drivers (Google for it).
  3. GavinB

    GavinB Member

    Windows Vista - 86x

    Unsure on if I have USB Debugging enabled.

    I'm not prompted by the phone for disk use or sync use (have it ticked to notify)

    Will try the HTC USB Drivers when I get home from work!
  4. MaxiP

    MaxiP Active Member

    Although they state for Windows 7, might fix Vista problems as well.

    HTTP Error 403
  5. Valerieh3

    Valerieh3 New Member

    with the usb connection , i cant find the htc tattoo in my browser to look into my phone
    i would like to change sms tones etc
    normally with other htc phones u find your phone in your browser like harddisk
    but he only finds my sd card
    can anyone help me
  6. Create a folder in the root of your SD card as follows and put your sounds in them, works fine on my tattoo
  7. Valerieh3

    Valerieh3 New Member

    it works
    super!! thank u!!:D
  8. No problem :cool:
  9. GavinB

    GavinB Member

    Im still in the lurch :(
  10. NigelCBS

    NigelCBS Member

  11. GavinB

    GavinB Member

    Thank you but please note I am running Windows Vista 86x not Windows 7. Thanks anyway.
  12. dukeuk76

    dukeuk76 Member

    i had the same problem with my girlfriends HTC Tattoo, i`m using Win 7.

    I got it to work by firstly connecting it to pc, then rebooting the phone whilst its still attached to pc via usb cable.
  13. MaxiP

    MaxiP Active Member

    I still can't connect using Win 7 but I am running HTC sync v2.06 as opposed to 2.04 in the referred article. I can connect to phone & browse SD card but can't install apps.

    Can anyone who has this working upgrade to 2.06 to see if they can still sync ?

  14. GavinB

    GavinB Member

    Sorted! Got it working by rebooting the Tattoo while connected to the laptop! Thanks for the tip!
  15. woodster65

    woodster65 New Member

    hi i have tried EVERY SINGLE ONE of the above remedies and NOTHING WORKS!!!. Its my wifes Tattoo and we are getting absolutley nowhere with it.I have emailed HTC so maybe they can help. will keep y'all posted.This is really frustrating.

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