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  1. ArchAsa

    ArchAsa New Member

    For some reason my PC (HP Mini) with Win7 Pro can't seem to find my Tattoo when I attach it with usb, which means I can't transfer my photos or upload mp3-files. This has worked on other PC's before.

    Also, the HTC Sync doesn't work. Yes, I've reinstalled it and disabled the anit-virus program when I did this but no difference. The logo stays grey.

    Getting seriusly frustrated!

  2. hetomlinson

    hetomlinson Member

    Have you tried unplugging the phone from the computer powering it down (long press on power button) and then turning it back on and plugging back in.

    Seems like a stupidly simple fix but it has worked for me before.

    Also when you reinstalled HTC sync did you get the most recent one from the web site or did you use the one from the phone. I never found the one from the phone worked.

    I did all this on XP and Vista computers so I hope that it transfers to win 7 for you


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