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PC Interface Software for Droid 2

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  1. gpxfiles77

    gpxfiles77 New Member

    I cant seem to find this. Could somebody please tell me what software I can use to interface with the droid 2 using my windows 7 64 bit PC? I would like to basically just be able to see the droid menus on my computer screen and enter things. For example my WEP password is very long and it would be much easier to simply type it in my computer and have that send it to the droid 2.
    Thank you, any help appreciated.

  2. gpxfiles77

    gpxfiles77 New Member

    Wow, great forums
  3. DroidEye22

    DroidEye22 Well-Known Member

    Can we ban this noob for not just googling the damn question or at least searching the forums....rtards, and no there is no way just to rub it in so HA!
  4. flyingmooncat

    flyingmooncat New Member

    Or you could just direct us to the answer instead of being an ass?
  5. Teamviewer

    Oops, just realised you're probably looking to use your PC (keyboard) as an input device for your phone. Not to remotely access and operate your PC desktop from your phone, as I assumed.
  6. gpxfiles77

    gpxfiles77 New Member

    Yes, that is what I meant. Basically just connect the droid to the PC via USB and then make changes or explore using your PC keyboard and monitor instead of having to type directly into the droid with its smaller keyboard and screen. It would be easier and faster for me to do it that way
  7. prerunnerseth

    prerunnerseth Well-Known Member

    Nothing that i know of that does this. Texdro is a nice app that allows you to send your text messages from your computer like a IM chat app. I use it a lot.

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