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  1. dlbrando

    dlbrando Well-Known Member

    What is this "PC mode" that comes up as an option when you plug into a computer? Does it do something in windows? I run Ubuntu and it does nothing when I select it. The manual doesn't mention it, at least not the PDF I downloaded. It covers mass storage and windows media sync but not PC Mode.

    Just wondering.

  2. Fenotyp

    Fenotyp Well-Known Member

    On my Windows 7 (64bit) laptop, it brings up the MTP Interface (screenshot below). I usually just ignore the Interface. However, I do use WMP to manage my playlists - it's a hell of a lot faster and less cumbersome than doubletwist. Otherwise, I just add files I want through Windows Explorer (the filesystem manager, not Internet Explorer).

    PC Mode also lets you run the adb shell from your pc.

    MTP Interface:

    PC Mode Visible Filesystem:

    Mass Storage Mode:

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