PC Suite for Micromax A56 and OTHERSTips

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  1. anshubham

    anshubham Active Member

    Hey guys its me again...lot of people asking about the PC Suite for this mobile which Micromax does not provide officially.
    I found a good PC Suite program and sharing it here.
    Its Wondershare MobileGo.
    It can Share/Transfer files, install/unninstall apps, take screenshots and more. You can purchase the Pro version for more features.
    Here's the link :-
    MobileGo - Android Manager to Manage Android on PC | Wondershare

    The another alternative is 91 PC Suite.
    Try this out i'm using it.


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  2. jyothis1990

    jyothis1990 Member

    I used Mobo Robo first, and haven't found any reason to replace it :) Its good too if you need to try. Supports every known device! Lot many features like App installer, backup, SMS popup etc.
    Go to : mobo robo . com (ignore spaces)
  3. janewonder

    janewonder New Member

    Dear anshubham,
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  4. raifi07

    raifi07 New Member

    Myphone expolerer is a very good pc suite which works well for all micromax phones including android phones like micromax a56 and micromax java and non java phones.You can download it from here.
    Download micromax pc suite

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