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PC Suites For HTC Wildfire

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  1. luckybum

    luckybum New Member

    Does HTC have a PC suite like the Nokia Phones?

    Not able to make too many changes to my phone...like expecting it to

    1. Saving the Text Messages on my Memory card instead of the phone memory

    2. Transfer Music Via Bluetooth and so on....:confused::confused::confused:

  2. Space_Cowby

    Space_Cowby Member

    just plug your charging / data cable into phone and pc. select option on phone for hard drive.

    Then using my computer navigate to the phone.

    Having recently switched from a Nokia I feel your pain wrt PC Suite. My Nokia used to sync pictures and music via bluetooth automatically, HTC not a hope.
  3. nilanjan.gm

    nilanjan.gm Member

  4. Space_Cowby

    Space_Cowby Member

  5. lumina_1

    lumina_1 New Member

    I have same trouble with the driver pcsuites..
    I have the pcsuites in the memory card but it wound installed in my pc :mad:
  6. loknath

    loknath New Member

    hiii frndz,

    I was using nokia mobile prior to HTC wildfire. I saved all contacts and calander events as backup file in my PC using PC-suit. How can i restore my data to HTC mobile now?
    The backup file format is: '.nbu'.

    2) (or) i saved all my contacts in my pc as '.vcf' files. how can i import them to my HTC?

    Thank you...
  7. Space_Cowby

    Space_Cowby Member

    the easiest solution i think would be to import into your gmail account and go from there.
  8. loknath

    loknath New Member

    Thanks buddy...for ur suggestion...
  9. ukstan

    ukstan Well-Known Member

    Yes I used nokia phones for years and i always thought of them as a business phone and the android more novelty play type phones.
    I really wish it could synch with outlook and synch the notes which i use often.
    I have tried a couple of apps but they dont really hack it
  10. heartavenger

    heartavenger New Member

    Use android commander works for both rooted as well non rooted
  11. sonal3709

    sonal3709 New Member

    HTC PC Suite for All HTC Phones is available for Free & Quick Download at url =>
    http colon mobimentor dot blogspot dot com forward slash 2011 forward slash 08 forward slash download-free-htc-pc-suite-305511 dot html , I have downloaded from there & I am happy now.
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