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PC to Android App??

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  1. DrAlpha

    DrAlpha New Member

    Hi, I am new to this forum but not new to the Android world. I am looking for an app that I am able to control my sister's Android phone from my computer. She lives in Ohio and I live in California and she is always asking me for help fixing her phone or how to do something so I would like to be able to remotely some way control her phone while she is using her phone through Wifi while I'm over here on my computer, or for that matter using my Galaxy Tab would be fine as well. Any ideas?

    Thank you!!



  2. I've used free Teamviewer for 2 years now! Great solution for remotely taking over a PC or laptop to do some troubleshooting on it. And I can do it from any other PC or Mac, or from any iPhone, iPad, or Android phone or tablet.
    But unfortunately Teamviewer canNOT take over an Android device from, say, a remote laptop or desktop machine, or from another Android device.
    That's still on my wish list. And looking at market shares it ought to be no. 1 on Teamviewer's to-do list, imo.
  3. DrAlpha

    DrAlpha New Member

    yes I have to agree, Teamviewer is a great program. I have used it myself many times and continue to use it. Now if there just was a program that would do the opposite, it would be great. For troubleshooting and for helping people long distance with a problem with there phone or tab it would work great. Well.... anyone else with any idea.... i am open for suggestions. Thanks.


  4. divinebovine

    divinebovine Well-Known Member Contributor

    You might be able to use a VNC server.
    It appears that there are only two, and they are the first two search results there. Both allowed me to connect to my phone and my mouse was able to control the phone, but my Venture's display is apparently incompatible with them so it was all garbled on my computer screen.

    (Hey! Neat! Thanks to posting this, I just realized that the VNC server isn't completely useless to me...I can use it to type input into my phone with my computer keyboard. Sure, there's WiFi Keyboard made for that, but I just tried it and VNC actually works better. Anyway, now back to regularly scheduled programming...)

    You may need some general networking proficiency to make this work outside of your sister's WiFi. You could use port forwarding on her router to allow a direct connection (but please be aware of potential security implications). Another, less pleasant but simpler option, might be to use something like ShowMyPC/Teamviewer/GoToMyPC/LogMeIn/etc to view her computer and run the VNC client on her computer, which of course has direct access to her private LAN. It wouldn't require as much networking expertise but you'll be using a VNC session to view a VNC client which could be a little laggy.
  5. divinebovine

    divinebovine Well-Known Member Contributor

  6. Is this a puzzle?
    What's the prize?
  7. divinebovine

    divinebovine Well-Known Member Contributor

    Sorry, didn't mean to come across weird.

    In post #4 I posted a link to a search that returns two VNC servers. At least one of them doesn't require root.
    I don't remember which one. You'll have to read the descriptions for both.

    In post #5 I posted a link to a single app that's in the Play store. (The rest of the links are NOT to the play store.) That one doesn't require root.
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  8. Not correct: I see 2 VNC server apps there, 'Droid VNC server' and 'VNC server'. Both require root...

    Correct (according to the description at least), but it does cost € 6,25...!
  9. kadimi

    kadimi Well-Known Member

    VNC based apps require a rooted device...

    Teamviewer is the way to go :
    Source: Best remote access apps for Android
  10. Best read the O.P. and other posts before you post, Kadimi, because you're barking up the wrong tree: he needs something to remotely operate/control his Android device from a PC or Mac. Not the other way around.
  11. DrAlpha

    DrAlpha New Member

    Thank you for all the replies. A lot of these apps are great and would work perfect if I was on my own wifi, and but I am not. Port forwarding would be an option if I knew how to go about doing it. So..... Any other ideas? I am really surprised that no one has made a app like this.

  12. Yeah, considering the number of Android devices out there, vastly outstripping any other mobile OS' installed base, you would expect that, wouldn't you? So I think there's probably still a technological hurdle preventing it.
  13. divinebovine

    divinebovine Well-Known Member Contributor

    I imagine it's the root issue...maybe developers figure if you can root it then port forwarding is likely to be within your skill set too.

    One issue with using remote control software as a teaching tool is that there's no mouse pointer like there is on a Windows/Mac/Linux computer, so your sister often wouldn't know where you were pointing or what you tapped...it might make sense to use your favorite video chat program on your computers with webcams.
  14. huisinro

    huisinro New Member

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