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PC tools for Motorola milestoneSupport

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  1. Teukka

    Teukka Member


    I living in finland and I got my motorola milestone from germany. Local stores in finland are not supporting and user manuals are written with germany :(

    I have problem with PC sync tool. Tool does not connect to phone and hint is not useful.

    If understood rigth PC tool is tool for email, calender and browser setup. Those are features which I want use.

    I need your helping tips :eek:

    Hard to rule details without manual but phone is nice.

  2. wingy999

    wingy999 Member

    If your running Windows 7 then make sure you do the update which should automatically start once you have installed from disc. which ever system you are running, once installed make sure you reboot computer. i had the same problem and once i rebooted it worked a charm.
  3. Teukka

    Teukka Member

    That is not hepping at all. My laptop OS is Win XP. I have rebooted several times. What is correct PC sync tool version for Motorola milestone? And where I can get it?
  4. wingy999

    wingy999 Member

    i also installed it on my laptop on windows xp. it worked fine. installed then rebooted. then it updated itself automatically and then reboot and hey presto. im not sure what your problem is.
  5. Teukka

    Teukka Member

    Sounds very promising. Can You tell me what is your PC sync tool version number and where you got it?

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