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PC wont Read my phoneGeneral

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  1. laruer50

    laruer50 New Member

    It was at first, but now if I plug my pc to my phone, my Lg Motion reads as a camera... not a phone... I did not change anything! Furthermore, if I open windows media player, it does not even recognize it as a device. I'd like to copy music onto to my phone so accessing everything on it is essential. Anyone have any ideas?

  2. Fox Mulder

    Fox Mulder VIP Member VIP Member

    Go into Settings/Connectivity and you can select the USB connection type. Also check the box for "Always ask on connection" so you are prompted to select it manually every time, this way you'll be sure the phone is in the proper mode.
  3. jaykesrwani

    jaykesrwani Member

    so actually it does detect it as device that will open in computer just like USB ?
    if yes you can just copy your music directly on the phone without a media player .
    Copy paste
  4. laruer50

    laruer50 New Member

    I found the solution. While connecting the device, options appear on the phone itself. I had camera accidently selected. Instead, LG software should be selected.

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