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  1. jasnooks

    jasnooks Member

    LG Motion 4G
    Software version MS77010E
    Not rooted
    MetroPCS, no hotspot plan

    Installed PdaNet+ on phone (paid version)
    Installed PdaNet Desktop on PC
    Firefox browser with user agent switcher 0.7.3 - UA: Googlebot 2.1

    I thinks thats all the info.

    Did a search, and just got more confused.

    Everything appears to be communicating fine, except the only page i can view is facebook. All other sites just seem to be loading forever, and never really load at all.

    Note, I'm not wanting to root the phone. Is there any way to get this working without getting the hotspot plan? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance, J

  2. rhino889a

    rhino889a Well-Known Member

    right click the pdanet icon in your tray. go to settings.. click Hide Tether Usage. try level one first see how that does
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  3. jasnooks

    jasnooks Member

    Tried Level 1, didnt work. Didnt try level 2 because it says "not recommended".
    Plus I read that hiding tether usage will block some sites that use flash.

    Forgot to add in my original post, that i'm having this problem with wifi, and usb tether.

    UPDATE: Setting it at level 2 seems to have fixed it, but now i'm seeing most sites as a mobile site, is this normal?

    Thanks rhino, even if i'm stuck with mobile view, this is way better than what i had
  4. Ray305

    Ray305 Well-Known Member

    Didn't firmware E cripple USB tethering?
  5. jaceson

    jaceson Active Member

    That is very likely the issue here cause I'm still on firmware D & I'm not having any issues tethering or using hot spot at this point, however I use the feature as little as possible as to not exceed any data caps & raise a red flag...I mainly use when I'm on the road & away from a Starbucks or something & need to access something for school. If you updated to the latest firmware, follow the tutorial in here & try going back to D if you can.
  6. CTsnit

    CTsnit Member

    I just spent days figuring this out on my two Motions.

    Metro Unlimited 4G w/o hotspot.

    Both rooted E and unrooted D work fine.

    Using preloaded 4G hotspot manager, Firefox w/ User Agent Switcher set to GoogleBot 2.1

    That's it... nothing else... both phones work great

    Hope this helps
  7. jstoner

    jstoner Well-Known Member

    So far no problems with pda+ free works like a charm on my laptop i use hide usage 1 can stream netflix and other movies sites fine. Also i do not have a teether plan i am rooted

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