PDANet installation and can't install "Samsung Android USB Modem" drivers

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  1. psyclotr0n

    psyclotr0n Member

    I read the whole stickied USB drivers thread but could not find this issue discussed. Sorry if this thread is redundant.

    I've tried a ton of times to install manually and automatically the "Samsung Android USB Modem" driver, but it keeps failing (the required section in the "inf" file isn't there it says) even after I point it to the folder with all the Captivate drivers; use the Samsung driver executable linked from Softpedia in the USB drivers thread, OR try the included Samsung drivers in PDAnet installation (which won't complete since it can't find the driver active). This is also annoying because every time I reconnect the phone I get a prompt to install USB modem drivers.

    Googling for this has had no luck. The only clue is that the driver package from Samsung has a setup.exe file which claims that the driver was successfully installed.

  2. jeremytanner

    jeremytanner Well-Known Member

    It was giving me the same issue, but after I installed Kies, I noticed the next time I chose the pc connection type, it found the right drivers. I'm guessing maybe it's included as part of the Kies package? unfortunately I didn't specifically test for this, so I'm speculating based on what I saw by accident.
  3. Dennis_Bham

    Dennis_Bham Well-Known Member

  4. psyclotr0n

    psyclotr0n Member

    not sure if it matters, but I had no trouble installing the ADB driver nor the composite driver for Captivate.

    just installed Kies (with a few errors), but the USB Modem issue is the same
  5. GoldieTheMack

    GoldieTheMack New Member

    I was having the same problem and then I remembered that it initially installed as a "USB Composite Device." Luckily I used to work for Time Warner and cable modems have the same problem.

    After I deleted the composite device and ran the softpedia file everything is working. Sweet!

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